Cocomed | Furcë Fondatine Purobio 03

Furcë Fondatine Purobio 03

2,250 lek


Furce me fije me gjatesi te barabarte per aplikimin e fondatines ose BB cream. Jep mbulim maksimal dhe efekt shume natyral.

• Flat and short bristels brush, that allows to obtain an intense covering. Ideal to apply liquid or mineral foundation cream and face powder.
• Total brush length: 171 mm
• Maximum diameter of the bristels base: 25 mm
• Maximum bristels length: 21 mm
• Synthetic yarn DERMOCURA®
• Dermatology tested
• Hypoallergenic
• Made in Italy
• 100% Cruelty Free

bollino ispe PENNELLI-adatto-vegani



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